Personalized Dog Training by Martha Windisch CPDT-KA

Would you enjoy a well-behaved dog? Do you need relief from your dog’s poor behavior? Personalized Dog Training can help you get good results by changing your dog's behavior to make him or her a better companion.

Teaching you to train your dog using dog-friendly and family friendly methods in South Jersey. Dogs trained by Personalized Dog Training are HAPPY and show WILLING compliance!

Classroom, Scout Group, Home School Group Programs

Personalized Dog Training LLC provides a program for school classrooms, daycares, Scout groups and home school groups in South Jersey. The program teaches safety around dogs and the proper way to greet a dog, how to choose a dog that will be compatible with the family, how to properly care for a dog. She can also include dog training games and tricks including nose work, agility, Frisbee and freestyle dancing. Martha can bring a trained golden retriever or if the group does not permit a real dog, she can bring a stuffed dog. Martha also partners up with service dog owner Tom and his service dog Bear to offer an educational program about Service Dogs. Call 609-726-9054 for further information.

Personalized Dog Training LLC supports a Healthy Environment

Personalized Dog Training attends environmental fairs and watershed festivals in South Jersey and educates citizens about alternative fuels and non-point source pollution. The Personalized Dog Training Van runs on used vegetable oil. For more information visit or

A gracious thank you to the following restaurants/grills/festivals for providing used cooking oil to fuel the Personalized Dog Training van.
Budds KnP Farms & Country Market
Pemberton, NJ

Frezys Concessions
Howell, NJ

The Pine Barrens Festival at the Church of the Holy Eucharist
Tabernacle, NJ

Waller's Deli
Tabernacle, NJ

St. Ann's Church
Browns Mills, NJ

Also a gracious thank you to Billy's Auto Center for keeping my Veggie Van in good running order!

Keep our lakes, streams, and ocean clean -- use a bag or pooper scooper to clean up after your dog!!!

If you would like to invite Martha to attend a South Jersey fair or festival, contact her at 609-726-9054. She can provide non-point source pollution and other environmental activities for children. She can also do demonstrations of dog training including dancing and agility, dog care, and safety around dogs. She does not charge for attending fairs or festivals as long as they are within her training area and she can provide business cards and brochures to attendees.

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