Training Programs Offered

"Teach You to Train" Program:

The "Teach You to Train" program consists of in-home lessons where I will teach you and your dog. You are required to practice between lessons and to use training commands in everyday life interactions. For these lessons, you can pay-by-the-lesson; thus they are affordable (to complete basic obedience, at least 6 lessons are recommended; for a simple behavior problem, less than 6 lessons may be appropriate; for a series of behavior problems or a more serious behavior problem, more lessons may be needed). For further savings, I offer a package of 6 pre-paid lessons. 

Contact me at 609-726-9054 for pricing* and further information about the "Teach you to Train" program.

*Regarding pricing: because pricing will differ depending upon your circumstances and dog training needs, I cannot post the exact pricing on the web, however, so you have a general idea, pricing for a 2-hour lesson will tend to be less than $130 for the two hours and even less if you pay for a package of 6 lessons in advance – give me a call to find out how much less! I believe that my pricing is reasonable when compared to other dog training services with comparable background and experience as mine in the areas that I serve.

"Training by the Trainer" Program:

Here's how "Training by the Trainer" works: Instead of me giving you a series of private lessons to teach you to train your dog, with "Training by the Trainer" you are required to attend only 3 lessons, one 3 hour consultation lesson at the beginning, one 2 hour lesson in the middle, and one 3 hour lesson at the end. The trainer will come to your house for the remainder of the lessons and train your dog without your involvement. Your dog will receive between 3 and 5 hours of training per week, depending upon your dog and what we are working on. You are responsible for using what you have learned in everyday life, but you do not have to do the initial practice sessions to teach your dog.

If you are extra busy, "Training by the Trainer" may be for you. Personalized Dog Training teaches YOU to train your dog - "Training by the Trainer" teaches you to train your dog with less initial time commitment. It's perfect if you don't have a lot of time to practice training commands with your dog. Using commands in everyday life interactions is required. "Training by the Trainer" is for basic obedience only, not for dogs with serious behavior problems. The "Training by the Trainer" program requires you to pay for the set of 12 lessons in advance.

Contact me at 609-726-9054 for pricing and further information about the "Training by the Trainer" program.

Dog Training for Kids:

Does your child take piano lessons, riding lessons, sports lessons?  What about dog training lessons?  Martha Windisch, CPDT-KA enjoys teaching children about dog training. The lessons will be geared for basic obedience and fun activities such as tricks and games.  This is perfect for the child in your family who is crazy about dogs or the child who dreams of being a veterinarian, groomer, trainer, or other pet professional.  The lessons will most likely count towards one or several of the Scout badge requirements and would also compliment the 4-H program.

If you provide your own dog, the dog must be in good health, have a good relationship with the child and have no serious behavior problems. If you don't have a dog, I can bring a friendly golden retriever for your child to work with. This is also a good way to make sure that your child understands about care and training prior to getting a dog. The lessons are given to one child at a time. A parent or guardian must be present nearby but does not necessarily have to attend the lesson. Dog training lessons for kids are an hour in length and are sold in blocks of three. These lessons are for children in fourth grade and older. The lessons will be geared to the age of the child.

Contact me at 609-726-9054 for pricing and further information about dog training for kids. 


Training for Competition Events (or just for fun):

Competition lessons to choose from: obedience or rally training and practice run thrus, Canine Good Citzen (CGC) test training and practice run thrus, jump chute training, agility training, AKC tracking, K9 Nose Work, retriever hunting and hunt test training.

Contact me at 609-726-9054 for pricing and further information about competition training.


Lessons for young adults with home companion dogs or service dogs are available through the State of NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities Self-Directed Support/Real Life Choices (RLC) program

Personalized Dog Training LLC provides in-home training working with people who have home companion dogs (home companion dogs serve the disabled person but do not have public access rights) OR people who have service dogs needing follow-up training. I the owner, and sole trainer of Personalized Dog Training will travel to the person's home and work with the person and the dog. In only certain specific situations, I will train a dog to be a service dog. Most often, I provide follow-up after an already trained service dog leaves the service dog organization. For home companion dogs, I teach basic obedience and behaviors that would be of at-home assistance to their disabled handler.

For further information click here.

Interested in semi-private lessons?

Call today to discuss semi-private lessons shared between you and a friend!


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