K9 Nose Work Classes at Pineland Country Kennel
46 Caranza Rd, Tabernacle, NJ - Call 609-726-9054 to register  

Fun K9 Nose Work- K9 Nose Work is a new, exciting, detection-style sport that develops dogs’ natural scenting abilities by using their curiosity, desire to hunt, and their love of toys, food and exercise

Nose Work class is suitable for dogs of all ages, young and old. Dogs must be crate-trained since they must be crated when it’s not their turn – since each dog works alone, dogs do not have to be super-friendly with other dogs. Dogs enrolled are not to be people-aggressive or extremely dog aggressive.

Nose Work is offered on one Thursday evening a month at Pineland Country Kennel. The class is structured so you pay for four sessions and have 6 months to complete the four, so it’s a good class for people with busy schedules (you can also pay by the night, but it’s a bit more expensive). The instructor requires class participants to let her know they are coming the week prior to the class date. Call for time and further information.

Class taught by Martha Windisch CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed) CNWI (Certified Nose Work Instructor) of Personalized Dog Training LLC with dog-friendly and family-friendly methods.

  • K9 Nose Work was developed in California by trainers with experience in training detection dogs for narcotics and  explosives.
  • Martha has learned to teach K9 Nose Work by attending seminars offered by the founders.
  • K9 Nose Work is great for extremely high drive dogs as a way to use up some of their excess energy.
  • K9 Nose Work is also good for dogs that need some encouragement to investigate using their noses; nose work classes can be a great confidence-builder for these dogs.
  • Teaching nose work to dogs begins with a hide-n-seek game involving cardboard boxes and treats. As training for K9 Nose Work advances, dogs get to use their remarkable scenting abilities to find the scents of birch, anise and clove.

The entire family can attend; however, children must be old enough to help with the training, be under control and not run up to the other dogs, and not pet the other dogs (unless okayed by the instructor).

For the K9 Nose Work schedule, call Personalized Dog Training LLC at 609-726-9054. Class sizes are limited so call a.s.a.p. to hold your spot.



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