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Build a wonderful relationship with your canine pal ...
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--- Dog Training is fun ---

Teach your poodles to ...

Poodle #1 on pianoPoodle #2 on pianoPoodle #2 on piano

--- Dog Training is Fun ---

make beautiful music!

Dog Training is Fun --- --- --- Dog Training is Fun --- --- ---  Dog Training is Fun

*Dancing canine #1*   Teach your mix breed to do the impossible break dance!! *Dancing Canine #2 *

Smiling "Blue" with glove

Teach your Golden Retriever to Find Your
Long Lost Glove!

Teach your dogs to Bake Pies - Apple Pies, Custard Pies, even Mince Meat Pies!

Canine Pastry chefs


--- Dog Training is fun ---

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--- Dog Training is Fun ---

Disclaimer:  This page is only for fun.  Personalized Dog Training cannot actually teach your dog to do the impossible. Although Blue, my Golden Retriever, can find gloves, he can't find the match to all my lost gloves or socks.  I'll always be stuck with singleton gloves and socks. Their missing matches must go to glove or sock heaven!!!  Forget teaching dogs to bake pies or clean house!!!  Dog trainers must have reasonable expectations!